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About the Artist

I've lived, studied and worked in the South West my whole life, graduated from Falmouth University with a degree in Film, and I love the sea.

I do not like discussing my ADHD; however, for better or worse, the influence it's held in shaping my life, my perspective, and by proxy, my artwork, is so substantial that to avoid it would be to undermine everything these paintings represent.

The bottom line though, for better or worse, is painting has always, and will possibly continue to be the only thing I can do in a constant, genuine, unshakeable state of cognitive peace. 

To resist what you are, is to lose. Nearly a decade of my life has been spent swimming against the tide, and at great cost. This art, and this future, is about turning around and paddling the other way.

I hope you enjoy the work, I enjoyed every second spent making it.


About the Paintings


The analogy I’ve historically used to describe ADHD, is an attempt to interpret life through a television show, while somebody else holds the remote: incessantly adjusting the volume, switching channels, and periodically, throwing it at my head.

Presentations of ADHD are sometimes mild, even humorous- 15 minutes to prepare a coffee, or rewinding the “talky bits” of the movie because you zoned out.

Others, unfortunately, can be crippling- the cascading mental rainclouds distorting and disrupting even basic cognitive functions, just as you arrive at your desk in the morning.

What bothers me most, however, is the toll this can take on your personality. Listening difficulties dictate that conversational responses are selected from a well-practiced assortment of “nodding understandingly”. Natural curiosity, impulsiveness and excitability are forcibly redacted.

Social conditioning breaths a desperate pursuit of normality, and in this pursuit, our identity becomes a performance. Over decades of carefully concealing perceived flaws, the ties between your identity, and the identity you dare to present, can be severed, and you risk forgetting your mother-tongue altogether.

These are the conceptual foundations for my explorations as an artist. In creating these paintings, these delicate weaves of interwoven stories, laced with hopes, fears, friends, lovers, fondest memories, embarrassing moments- and everything in between, I catch a glimpse of who I am, and hope to beckon viewers into catching a glimpse of who they are.

When nobody is looking, of course.