• 47 x 39"

    Acrylic on Canvas


    • 1.5" canvas depth
    • Sealed and varnished
    • Original, signed piece
    • Unframed


    'A Long  Journey' is a maze of interwoven "stories" culminating in the forming of an identity, a future, and a journey. 


    Part of the "Horizons" series, the central concept stemming from the image of a young child looking over the horizon, considering what they want to be, who they want to be, where life will take them, and how it will define them. 


    Like the horizon, the destination is always intangible, in constant flux, but every day we each takes steps, some consciously, some unconsciously, but each a measurable step towards our future. 

    It is simultaneously delicate, yet bold, oozing with texture and detail, providing endless new discoveries with every viewing.

    A Long Journey

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